Foreign Languages

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MDFL 2311 and MDFL 2321 Elementary Spanish I & II

Videos from Education Portal

Dos Mundos Go to the "Online Learning Center" (on the left side of the screen) and choose "Student Edition"

¡Arriba! Textbook Website

¡Arriba! Resources Website

MDFL 2310 and MDFL 2320 Elementary French I & II

Le Monde Francophone

Spanish Newspapers and Magazines

ABC One of Spain's largest newspapers

Caretas A weekly newsmagazine from Peru

Cinco Dias (Madrid)

El Comercio (Lima, Peru)

El Dia (Canary Islands)

El Norte (Monterrey, Mexico)

El Sol (California)

La Hora (Guatemala)

La Nacion (Costa Rico)

La Nacion (Argentina)

La Prensa (Panama)

Pulso (Mexico)

La Semana del Sur (Tulsa, OK)

El Universal (Mexico City)

Other Spanish Sources

Biblioteca Nacional d'España

Biblioteca Nacional de México

ContraKultura Mexican Documentaries (Bilingual, Spanish/English text)

English/Spanish Language Dictionaries

Wikipedia (in Spanish)

French Newspapers and Magazines

Africa Time

Afrique Express

Culture Chronique

Jeune Afrique

L'Express (Paris)

La Presse (Montreal)

Le Figaro (Paris)

Nouvel Observateur (Paris)

Pan African News Agency

Le Soleil (Quebec)

Other French Sources

Bibiotheque Nationale de Canada

French/English Dictionary

Gallica Bibliotheque Nationale de France

Wikipedia (in French)